Ideas for now!

April 16 & 17, 2015. Lyon, France.




This year, at Mix-IT (more)

Aurélien Morvant

Stéphane Épardaud

Christian Brousseau

Matti Schneider

Corinne Schillinger

Simon Jaillais

Previously, at Mix-IT (more)

Zach Holman

Pamela Fox

Simon Brown

Tristan Nitot

Bodil Stokke

JC Grosjean

Development, Agility, Innovation, DevOps, Lean Startup. Ideas for now!

We are passionate and love our amazing jobs: we are the web and software builders, who come up with the ideas, build them, and push them live. Are you looking for inspiration, good practices and new tools? You’ll find them at Mix-IT! But more than anything else, you will be able meet and share with other passionate people.


2 days of talks and workshops ...full of surprises!

Conferences to discover new trends, games for learning, creative and development workshops to improve yourself... Mix-IT is two intense days of sharing. The evening party, open to everybody, is a great moment to network and discover other cultures. Mix-IT is an opportunity to meet the speakers, those building local communities, but also international stars who inspire the world.

500 participants, 50 speakers. At an amazing price!

In order to keep the atmosphere warm, the maximum number of attendees will be 500 for each day. We endeavour to keep the whole package at a really affordable price, because we want everyone to come and enjoy the event.